Mark Chaffin
   I am the Committee Chairman for UScA’s Tracking Committee. I have laid track for UScA events since 1976. I have laid track or coordinated tracks for many club trials, regional trials, and since 1991 National events and one world event. I have competed at 9 national level events, and many regionals. I have titled over 16 dogs to north of 60 titles. I am most proud of helping my club obtain over 600 titles.
Dave Macdougall
  I joined USCA in September 2006 and have remained a loyal member ever since.   Tornado Alley Hundesport in the Mid-Central Region is my home club.   Two different GSD dogs have provided me with the jubilation of obtaining FH1 titles with one of those dogs being HOT.   I have been honored to have laid tracks at club events, three regional events, three USCA IPO3/IGP3 Nationals, and two Working Dog Championships.  My passion about tracking, track-laying and constantly striving to improve my training and knowledge is ongoing.  I am honored again to be chosen to be on the USCA National Tracking Team with the best team of track-layers and wish all the competitors a 100 point track
Jim Sullivan
Tim Reiber
Barbara Smart