Mark Chaffin
   I am the Committee Chairman for UScA’s Tracking Committee. I have laid track for UScA events since 1976. I have laid track or coordinated tracks for many club trials, regional trials, and since 1991 National events and one world event. I have competed at 9 national level events, and many regionals. I have titled over 16 dogs to north of 60 titles. I am most proud of helping my club obtain over 600 titles.
Dave Macdougall
  I joined USCA in Sept 2006 and have remained a loyal member ever since.  Tornado Alley Hundesport in the Mid-Central Region is my home club. Two different GSD dogs have given me the jubilation of obtaining FH1 titles with one of those dogs being HOT. I have been honored to have laid tracks at club events, two regional and two national events and one Working Dog Championship.  My passion about tracking, tracklaying, and constantly striving to improve my training and knowledge is ongoing.  I also try to help others to achieve their goals when training and trialing so that they can experience the synergy of a handler/dog tracking team
Curtis Johnson
Jim Sullivan
Tim Reiber

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