My names Jose Moreno. I'm a professional sports and dog sport photographer and I am privileged to be photographing the 2022 USCA Working Dog Championship.

A little about me; I have been shooting sports for about five years and about two years ago I made the switch to also shooting dog sport events. Since I am also an IGP competitor and helper, it was a very easy transition and I have enjoyed every minute of it.

Some of the larger dog sport events I have shot include:

  • 2020 DVG Nationals

  • 2021 DVG Nationals

  • 2021 USCA NW Regional

  • 2021 SW Regional

  • 2021 AWMA Nationals

  • 2021 AWDF IGP Championship

  • Several others

Prior to making the switch to dog sport I had been lead photographer for the NCAA Collegiate Water Polo Championships, the NCAA Big Ten Conference playoffs and finals in men's soccer.

Dog sport is hands down my favorite subject to shoot. Being an active competitor and helper helps me immensely when it comes to knowing where to be and what to anticipate when photographing competitors and their routines.

My one and only goal in photographing trials is to make sure competitors leave the field with memories of the event that they can frame, smile, and look back on when our canine teammates can no longer step onto the field.

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I look forward to see you at the 2022 WDC.  Good luck to all competitors!



Thank you Shelly from Shellshots for joining us once again!

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About Shelly:  I've been involved with dogs and photography most of my life and with the encouragement of friend and family, I started SHELLSHOTS in 2006.

Since then, I've been very lucky to have been invited to many schutzhund championships, trials and seminars, where I've been able to hone my photography and videography skills.  I wish to thank everyone who has allowed me to "experiment" on them, (photographically of course).

I feel extremely humbled by the encouraging feedback I get on my work, and consider every single job to be my most important yet.  

I feel that that being an active participant in the sport of Schutzhund gives me an added edge in knowing what most competitors desire to see in their own routines.  It also gives me the experience and knowledge that goes along with my artistic flair and feel for the subjects I choose.